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Is Sex Over 50 Healthy? You Bet!

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Elderly Couple In Consultation
(Photo : Getty Images/BSIP) Elderly Couple In Consultation

A new study confirms that an active sex life can result to higher level of cognitive ability among the elderly. Those who regularly have sex can reportedly improve their word recall and number sequencing capacities.

A research published in "Age and Ageing" emphasized the positive relationship between sex and brain health among the elderly. Data from 6833 older people from 50 to 89-years-old showed that those who have healthy sex lives were also the ones with healthier brain function. Sexually-active men have higher scores in cognitive tests when it comes to recalling words as well as sequencing numbers. On the other hand, sexually-active women also have better word recall, even though their number sequencing scores were not higher than those who are not sexually-active. 

The findings led the researchers to recommend healthcare experts to also counsel the elderly on how to have more active sex lives.  The findings may push healthcare professionals to be more open to the idea of counseling the elderly on how to have more active sex lives. 

Even though the findings are positive, showing the health benefits of sex on later life, not everyone finds it easy to do, especially women who hit their menopause and men who hit their "menopause." According to Mirror UK, proper information and positive attitude are the key. 

Problems such as erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency, and premature ejaculation  for men can be resolved through proper counsel, exercise and even meds, Mirror UK stated. Problems such as vaginal dryness and weak pelvic floor muscles for women can also be improved through exercise and proper counsel, among other solutions. Apart from brain function improvement, Mirror UK also claimed that benefits of sex over 50s include looking younger. It can also reduce the risk of certain cancers. 

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