HEADLINES Published February22, 2016 By Beatrice Asuncion

Zika Case confirmed in South Africa and Canada

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Zika virus carrier, Aedes mosquito
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There is no denying the severity of the spread of the Zika Virus in the past year. To date, 1.5 million Zika cases have been recorded in Brazil.  The mosquito-borne disease has since spread to thirty different countries including Venezuela and the United States. While the Zika Virus in itself is as life threatening as the common cold, the concern over the spread seems to be more focused on the possible link between Zika and birth defects.

Before the outbreak, the area in Brazil most afflicted by the Zika Virus only charted 40 cases of microcephaly and other birth defects. However by November last year, 400 babies born with the birth defect have been recorded.

At present, several other countries have confirmed cases of the Zika Virus. Last Friday, health officials from the Ministry of Health in Ontario have announced the positive test results of a resident who recently travelled to Colombia. The official statement did not specify if the patient is a man or a woman however they did confirm that the afflicted party is not pregnant.

"The ministry will continue to update Ontarians and health care providers on the status of Zika virus as updates are received from the Public Health Agency of Canada, World Health Organization, Pan American Health Organization and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" read a part of the statement.

More recently, the South African Ministry of Health has charted the first case of Zika Virus in the country. The man is said to be Colombian who visited Johannesberg, South Africa for business. The department has since confirmed that the man has since recovered from the virus.

"The businessman presented with fever and a rash approximately four days after arrival in South Africa but is now fully recovered," explained Aaron Motsoaledi, South Africa's Health Minister. 

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