HEADLINES Published February22, 2016 By Annie Dee

Binge Drinking Puts College Students At Higher Risk of Hypertension

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Many college students try to use strategies to avoid the consequences of drunkenness, but some of these strategies may mean they drink more.
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College students are already at risk of having high blood pressure. A new study shows the positive link between binge drinking and higher BP among young adults.

new study asserts that compared to college students who only drink occasionally, those who practice binge drinking can end up with high blood pressure. High BP is linked to a host of other scary, dangerous and fatal diseases. 

The findings of the study specifically revealed that among binge-drinking young adults, systolic blood pressure is at least 2.6 points higher than those who do not binge. For the worst cases, it can even be 4 points higher.  Senior researcher Jennifer O'Loughlin claimed that this high level of systolic blood pressure can already put someone in the early stage of high blood pressure. "This is worrisome because this condition can progress to hypertension, which in turn can cause heart disease and premature death," detailed O'Loughlin. 

Even though prehypertension is not yet full-fledged high blood pressure, it is still worrying and dangerous. Dr. Stephen Daniels, the chair of pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, asserted that the harm from the elevated blood pressure is serious and long-term. He said patterns would also show that college students who engage in binge drinking are unlikely to stop if no one tells them to. 

This is why the findings of the new study is significant. "I think one shouldn't assume that adolescents and young adults who do binge drinking can stop. When a doctor is seeing a young adult with higher blood pressure, I think asking about drinking when taking their medical history is important," Daniels said

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