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NASA plans to populate Venus with Unusual Habitats

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(Photo : Getty Images - NASA)

Venus is amongst the first planets to have been discovered in the solar system. The planet has been known to multiple ancient civilisations has the morning or evening star. It was not until Galileo Galilei however when Venus' phases were accurately observed.

Because of how long Venus has been observed, human culture has long been fixated on what lies on the planet. Earlier assumptions about the second planet from the sun claim that because of its relative distance from the sun, it is possible that Venus is habitable by humans. Since then it was discovered that Venus' atmospheric pressure and temperature simply cannot sustain human life. However recently, scientists from NASA claim that the terraforming and colonisation of the elusive morning star might after all be possible.

NASA's Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate or SACD previously developed a plan that involves sending manned mission to the Venusian atmosphere. These missions would e aboard giant airships.

The project would not be travelling to the surface of mars since average temperatures on the planet can reach a whopping 462 degrees Celsius. However Venus' atmosphere are said to have the same pressure, density, gravity and protection as the surface of the earth.

SACD's plan currently dubbed as the High Altitude Venus Operational Concept or HAVOC is said to take a manned mission into Venus' atmosphere in a 30-day mission. If the crewed mission would be deemed as success further research would be allocated in building cloud cities on the Earth's nearest neighbour.

Currently, NASA is still knee deep involved in the Mars project. They have since explained that current technology is still not enough to initiate the Venus cloud cities plan. HAVOC is still very much in its development stage and NASA explains that it might take a little while before necessary steps would be taken in order for the plan to materialize. 

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