TEEN HEALTH Published February29, 2016 By Annie Dee

Romantic Facebook Posts Actually a Sign of Relationship Insecurity? Study Says So

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Bragging about how sweet your boyfriend/girlfriend is on the social media might be a sign that something is wrong with you. A new study asserts that those who do so are actually insecure about their partner's true feelings! 

According to a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, and reported by Teen Vogue, there is a relationship between attachment and relationship visibility. Those who are clingy and anxious may be the same people who have high desire for relationship visibility, wanting updates on their relationship to be splashed all over their social media accounts. 

The study asserted that because it is easy to manipulate people's perceptions of a person through Facebook, those who constantly post about their relationships be a sign that outside that virtual reality, hey are very unsure of their partners' feelings. The findings showed that on a daily basis, "when people felt more insecure about their partner's feelings, they tended to make their relationship visible."

In a related news, using Facebook itself has possible negative repercussions on a relationship. Psychologist John Grohol spoke withe Huffington Post and claimed that a social network can be the bane in a couple's relationship. In particular, the ease to which people can connect with new and old friends through Facebook can negatively affect couples, he said.  

He implied that Facebook can even lead a couple to cheat on each other. "Readily available communication on Facebook leads people to pursue temptation or engage in risky behaviors," Grohol explains. "Facebook makes it easy to engage in less inhibited communication - which can lead to taking risks we wouldn't ordinarily take in our everyday life."

Cheat Sheet added that Facebook can make a relationship suffer, especially if one posts the supposedly private details of their relationship online and the other does not want that to happen. This is regardless of whether the things posted are positive or negative. Some just want their privacy and the things they do for their partners, to be something they cherish by themselves. 

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