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Adventure Time! Impulsive Couples Have Stronger Relationships

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Couples who are impulsive and spontaneous, even to the brink of craziness as perceived by some, are said to have a stronger relationship. Their love for the randomness and adventure can outweigh any negative effects, making them more committed to each other.

In a new study published in the Journal of Research in Personality, researchers found that if both parties in a relationship are impulsive, adventurous, and literally cannot sit still in one place without thinking of doing something out of the blue, they are likely to have a stronger relationship. While there will be occasional misses, or rash decisions ending up badly, their bond will remain strong. 

"When both partners were impulsive, they didn't experience the same levels of negative behavior and seemed to understand each other better," Dr. Jaye L. Derrick, a professor at the University of Houston, shared to Medical Daily.

Again, the key word is both. If one of the partners is not impulsive and the other is, the initial excitement that brought them together in first place can just dissipate quickly. Ultimately, the relationship suffers. As the relationship progresses, the parties will just find themselves fighting more and more because the less impulsive one does not understand the actions of his or her impulsive partner. On the other hand, the impulsive partner will just continue to wither trying to defend himself or herself. The more impulsive one might even find the less impulsive partner boring over time. "Mutual impulsivity fared better in relationships because, "at the very least, they understand when their partner is being impulsive," according to Derrick.

This is a relatively new finding. Past studies only evaluated the positive effects of impulsivity on individuals or looked at how occasional impulsivity can benefit a relationship. 

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