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Experts Suggest Ways to Cope with Stress During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is not an easy ordeal for any woman. While the endeavour is undoubtedly rewarding, a woman's body has to go through a lot of changes in order to carry human life. Women experience morning sickness, unimaginable fatigue, swollen breasts, weight gain, ligament pain and ultimately contraction and giving birth.

Unfortunately, physiological changes are not the only thing that changes when a woman is pregnant. According to research, being pregnant takes more than physical effort. It is also an exercise of the mind and emotions. Experts say that it could be a stressful time and thankfully they have suggested ways in order to cope with the surmounting changes during this beautiful time in a woman's life.

According to Dr. Mary Kimmel from the University Of North Carolina School Of Medicine, there are a lot of reasons why women can get stressed during pregnancy. Some of these stressors could come from outside influences. Still, hormone levels change during pregnancy. These changes may have a role in the shift in behaviour and stress levels.

 Kimmel suggest for women to be aware of what causes their stress. She explains that it is important for pregnant women to be kind to themselves and recognize that the increase in their stress levels is brought on by them having to carry a child. She claims that women should feel free to indulge in their food cravings and to get the ample support they need.

Consequently, Kimmel addresses the issue of pregnant women being restricted from doing the things they usually enjoy to do. The doctor urges them to find alternative and pregnancy safe ways to relax. For instance, Kimmel explains that some women who enjoy having a glass of wine alternatively enjoy doing relaxing exercises and reading a book. She further claims that women should give priority to doing things they enjoy. Dr. Kimmel explains that a pregnant woman who feels good ultimately results to a healthy baby.

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