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Tech Moguls Adamant in Finding Cure for Aging

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With the fast advancement of technology today, what was once science fiction is now possible. One thing that people have long been obsessed with is beating old age.  Unsurprisingly, big time investors are so enthusiastic about the idea of living longer that they're willing to give billions of dollars or even build their own company dedicated to cure the effects of aging. Recently, Fortune Inc. profiled different entrepreneurs who have expressed and invested their money in curing ageing.

One of which is Bill Maris, the president and managing partner of Google Ventures. According to reports, Maris has invested 36% of his earnings back in 2015 which sums up to almost 2 billion dollars in companies that can slow aging, improve longevity, and possibly reverse diseases.

Maris stated in an interview "If given the choice between making a lot of money or finding a way to make people live longer, what do you choose?"

Consequently, Arthur Levinson, who is now 65 years old, is now the investor in and chief executive of Google's Calico which is a company that is dedicated into studying how to reverse aging.

Levinson, who also a biochemist with a Ph.D from Princeton, first served as the CEO of biotechnology company Genentech and aside from being the chief executive of Calico he is also currently one of the board member of Apple.

The main objective of Calico is to then use that longevity knowledge to create medical products that can be brought to market and will help people live longer and healthier lives.

Also Craig Venter, who is the founder of Human Longevity Inc (HLI) which focused on genomics-based biotechnology intending to extending and enhancing the "healthy, high-performance lifespan and change the face of aging, have also invested millions into studying the cause and cures of aging.

To round out the group is, Martine Rothblatt who is arguably finding the cure for aging in a much different way compared with the other entrepreneurs. Her approach in to finding the cure includes the connection between technology and biology.  She created a nonprofit called Terasem Movement where people can store their "mind files." These mind files are the digital records of a person's life. Rothblatt's company aim to store these information so that when the technology that can resurrect a person becomes available the few clients of Terasem Movement would be first in line. 

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