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Nintendo NX Release Date: Check Out The Mystery Console's Specs!

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The release date of the rumored Nintendo NX is still unknown. However, leaks about the new mysterious console are everywhere. A patent which Nintendo filed was spotted and seems to point to the highly-anticipated Nintendo NX.

"According to a new patent that Nintendo has filed, spotted by Nintendo Enthusiast, Nintendo has patented a form of gameplay and achievement sharing," GamingBolt reported.

"Essentially, Nintendo seems to be implementing not just a form of Achievements into the NX, but also a way to share what led to those Achievements- meaning that that sweet boss battle that you just won that got you that achievement can be shared with other players, possibly via a system like the Miiverse."

This patent does not exactly point to the new Nintendo NX. However, it is very possible that Nintendo might integrate this form of Achievements in their new console.

In a previous report, it was revealed that Nintendo has always used last-generation technology in their consoles. This resulted to a gameplay experience that was inferior to the competitors' (Sony and Microsoft) consoles.

"There's not much information about the upcoming Nintendo NX but AMD may have given us a glimpse on what to expect for the Nintendo NX," CrossMap reported. "Previously, AMD revealed that they are working on a new design for a "next-generation console scheduled to be released in 2016."

"AMD is not really new to providing main processors to consoles as they also have history with Wii U, Sony's PlayStation 4, and Microsoft's Xbox One. There's a possibility that Nintendo NX will be using the x86-based chip from AMD or Intel."

It appears to be that Nintendo is collaborating with AMD in creating a new type of console. This upcoming console seems to be different from newly released consoles. This looks like something that may be able to contend other consoles like Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation.

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