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World’s Fattest Man Dead: Keith Martin Dies At Age 44 Due To Pneumonia

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Keith Martin
(Photo : imgarcade.com) World's Fattest Man dies at only 44.

Keith Martin, branded as the World's Fattest Man, died of Pneumonia after being bed-bound for eight months and has not left his home for a decade.

Eight months prior to his death, Martin who weighed 70 stones, had undergone gastric sleeve which removed three-quarters of his stomach in order for him to lose weight. He knew he was killing himself by consuming approximately 20,000 calories a day, almost 10 times the recommended amount for an adult.

He had fast-food all day. For breakfast, he would consume six-egg-fry-ups and for lunch and dinner, he would eat kebabs, pizzas, Big Mas and Chinese takeaways. Aside from that, he would snack all day on sandwiches, chocolate, potato chips, sweets and biscuits. He would drink six pints of coffee and two litres of fizzy drinks or sodas.

The surgeon who performed the surgery on him asks the government to increase the tax on fast food to save the lives of many Americans. Kesave Mannur says if he had lived, he would have lost hundreds of pounds and can walk again. He would have lived a normal life. Mr. Mannur supports the new NHS guidelines that will encourage doctors to suggest weight-loos surgery for people with a BMI higher than 30 and with type 2 diabetes. Apparently, about two million people could be approved and eligible and would cost £12billion.

It was unlucky for Martin to catch Pneumonia, which can be deadly for his condition. He was in and out of the hospital for several reasons. In October 2013, he was hospitalized for sepsis and dehydration and in February, he contracted Pneumonia and recovered. However, his recent infection was not favorable because his body was not able to fight the infection.

In the 1990s, Martin lost his mother and as a defense mechanism, he resorted to eating because it helped ease the pain. His mother died of Pneumonia too when he was still 16 years old and had developed depression. Binge eating, playing video games and watching TV all day led to his current state and weight. Today, he left his two sisters, Sharon and Tina, who took care of him for many years.

"We're still grieving. We miss him very much," Tina told reporters in their home in London.

The surgery of Martin was featured in a Channel 5 documentary entitled, "70 Stone and Almost Dead".

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