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Pokemon Go News: Will Pokemon Go Make You Healthy? Pokemon Players Walk Much More than Average Person

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Will Pokemon Go Make You Healthy?
(Photo : creative common) Will Pokemon Go Make You Healthy?

In 1996, Pokemon (Pokemon), a game released by Nintendo of Japan, was reproduced by animated films and TV series, capturing the hearts of children all over the world. The popularity of Pokemon, which had been worn for a while, was rekindled by the appearance of the game "Pokemon Go (Go)," augmented reality (AR) game last year. In Korea, which started service on the 24th of last month, a lot of people are walking around the streets to catch Pokemon with smartphone. Pokémon and hot winds are blowing among scientists. Some scientists have analyzed the secret of the popularity of Pokemon, and some have also analyzed the health effects of Pokemon high people. There are also studies that have changed the habit of people who were reluctant to go out to Pokemon.

◇ Coins and stamp collecting

Russell Belk, professor at York University in Canada, recently published in an international journal "Psychology Opinion" in his article "The secret to the popularity of Pokemon is that the game method that collects a lot of Pokemon collects coins and stamps, .

Professor Belk observed that there are two types of collectors. There is a class to find aesthetic beauty as much as a person who collects artwork like a picture, and a class to collect as many kinds as possible. Professor Belk said, "Pokemon users were more inclined to collect many kinds of pokemon than unconditionally." Especially, since Pokemon which is collected while playing games is stored in smartphone, it can show and show off to others while holding it. It is a strong motivation because it is easier to show off than stamps and coins that you have to leave at home. Actually, Pokemon and Nai Antic, a production company, constantly show off new Pokemon and stimulate the collection of people.

Professor Belk also analyzed the augmented reality technology introduced by Pokemon High as popularity. Augmented Reality is a way to overlay virtual images in reality. As a result, Pokemon hunting is as vivid as it happens in reality, he said, raising the satisfaction of gamers.

"Pokemon high is helpful to the health of people," says Nai Antic. In order to hunt eggs from a game and find a Pokemon, you have to walk a long distance, so it is effective. Actually, is it true?

The Stanford research team collected and analyzed 32,000 people using wearable smart bands. As a result, people who choose Pokemon have an average of 1473 more per day than those who do not. Harvard University researchers also reported in the British Medical Journal late last year that "Pokemon users are walking 955 steps a day on average compared to non-users," according to a survey of 1182 people aged 18-35. However, this effect did not last long and after 6 weeks the difference in the number of steps was eliminated. People lose interest in the game and the momentum is back to normal.

◇ Change the way people behave

Augmented reality games such as Pokemon are new research tools for scientists. The analysis of the people who play the game can understand the traffic flow as well as the way people move and the radius of action. There are even cases where new worms, birds, and snakes are found that have not been noticed while people are holding Pokemon in the mountains and shooting with the surrounding scenery.

The way you play changes the way you play. Anthony Butchtelle, a professor at Pennsylvania State University in the United States, said on Aug. 18 that "Augmented Reality games have changed the radius of people's activities and increased their knowledge of nearby monuments." The augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go is getting various items or places in the game where many Pokemon are popping up. As you go through this place, you will find that people are moving around and interested in monuments you have not found before. Professor Butchitelli explained that some of the changes that made people who were reluctant to go out of the house were observed.

There is also a study that analyzed the evolutionary process of Pokemon as modern biology. In 2012, a scientific humor magazine published by Harvard magazine called "Unsuccessful Research Annals," some papers by UC Davis researchers, such as the evolution and phylogeny of Pokemon, were published. They have reconstructed Nintendo's evolution of pokémon as a phylogeny of modern biology, just like the process of human evolution. Pokemon is a popular trend that makes you feel popular.

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