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5 Benefits of Ginseng: Strengthens stomach and stops diarrhea

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5 Benefits of Ginseng
(Photo : Pixabay) 5 Benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng has been excellent in its efficacy and has been used as medicine in the Orient for 4,000-5,000 years.

Unlike other medicines that cause long-term side effects, there is no poison, so even if you eat a lot, there is almost no harm.

Ginseng, which has been known since ancient times as an infant drug, is among the best medicines among Chinese medicine. It is said that ginseng in the "Divine Husbandman's Handbook" of the oriental hospital, that is, the five ginseng, namely the liver, heart, lungs, kidneys and spleen, It is also said that brighten your eyes and make you wise, and that if you take it for a long time, your body becomes lighter and longevity.

The efficacy of mysterious ginseng

Rejuvenate and restore fatigue

It improves the fragile constitution by energizing mind and body. Ginseng can be effective when the disease is weakened by disease or when you are in temporary collapse. It also helps to regain fatigue and improves physical fitness. Elderly, those who have a sickness or have a sickness after having a surgery, and those who are suffering from overwork are recommendable.

Better circulation and prevent anemia

Helps the function of the lungs and spleen by facilitating blood production and circulation. Promotes erythropoiesis to prevent anemia and improves metabolic anemia due to anemia. Especially, it helps the recovery of anemia in cancer patients and is excellent for rheumatism, tuberculosis and senile anemia. There is also a hemostatic effect.

Adjust blood pressure and cure heart failure

It has blood pressure control effect and is effective for hypotension and hypertension. However, patients with severe hypertension should be cautious. It is also effective in cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, myocardial malnutrition, coronary artery disease, and angina pectoris. It can also be used for first-aid treatment such as cardiac shock or temporary drowning.

Eliminate thirst and treat diabetes

It is effective in enhancing spleen function and treating diabetes. It promotes insulin secretion, lowers blood glucose level, and replenishes body fluid to relieve diabetes thirst. It is safe to eat because there is no danger of dropping blood glucose level too much like synthetic diabetes remedy.

Strengthens stomach and stops diarrhea

When stomach and intestines are cold, it helps appetite and digestion well. Patients with chronic gastritis with insufficient stomach acid can improve symptoms, improve appetite, and reduce pain. Prevention and treatment of stomach cancer, gastric cancer surgery patients are eaten when the immune function is strengthened. In addition, ginseng is warm and has the effect of stopping diarrhea.

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