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10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Apple Daily

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10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Apple Daily
(Photo : Pixabay) 10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Apple Daily

Eating apple in the morning is said to be 'gold' health benefits. Unlike what is known, the apple refreshes the mind and body even in the evening, promotes gastric secretion, helps digestion and absorption, and helps the bowel function. However, people with poor stomach function can cause discomfort due to the stimulation of gastric secretion by the apples. This person should avoid eating other apples as well as apples in the evening.

Apples are so effective as to be called the king of deciduous trees, a typical ingredient is the pectin, a dietary fiber. Pectin keeps the intestines weakly acidic and helps to inhibit the growth of bad bacteria. Eating an apple will weaken the bad bacteria in the intestines, leading to the activation of good bacteria, and it helps to improve colon health and immunity. In addition, the organic acid contained in apples is a good food to eat every day because it removes substances accumulated in the body.

The efficacy of apple, 10 reasons to eat every day

1. Weight Loss  The researchers at the State University of Rio de Janeiro compared women who were overweight to eating 300 grams of apple a day and eating the same amount of other food instead of fruit Women who ate apples had more weight loss. Apples are high fiber, which promotes postpartum satiety, and excretes toxins accumulated in the body.

2. Improvement of Digestion Apple is rich in insecticide fiber and water-soluble fiber pectin, which makes regular bowel movements regularly, absorbs water to make diluted stamens, and makes pass through the mutations and is good for relieving constipation and diarrhea. Pectin is close to the peel of apple, and it needs to eat apple peel to ingest.

3. Anti-aging, antioxidant effect  The skin of apple contains polyphenolic antioxidant substance called anthocyanin, which suppresses active oxygen which causes aging. In addition, apple quercetin inhibits the increase of plasma lipid peroxidation and prevents cell aging and tissue damage.

4. Blood Pressure Drop Salt, known to increase blood pressure, is eaten with potassium-enriched food, and it binds with sodium, the major component of salt in the small intestine, and is discharged out of the body together with the stool. Apples contain a lot of potassium compared to other fruits.

5. Respiratory Disease Prevention Researchers at Kings and Southampton in the UK reported that those who ate at least two apples per week could lower the risk of asthma by about 22 to 23% Researchers at the University of Nottingham have reported that eating a lot of apples lowers the risk of respiratory illnesses such as asthma and lung function.

6. Prevention of heart disease and stroke. According to researchers at Davis University in the US, daily intake of apple and apple juice helps prevent heart disease by preventing the oxidation of bad cholesterol (LDL) by phytonutrients. It also reduces the risk of stroke.

7. Prevention of arteriosclerosis Diabetic patients with 5-15 g of apple fiber (equivalent to 2 to 6 apples) with meals for 6 months, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol (atherosclerosis acceleration), atherosclerosis index is lower Studies have shown that HDL-cholesterol (atherosclerosis prevention) is increased.

8. Prevention of diabetes Refined apple fiber contains water-soluble plant fiber, which absorbs and expands in the body and becomes viscous at the same time. Foods are lengthened by staying in the stomach due to this viscosity, or the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine is delayed to delay or suppress the rise in blood glucose level, which helps prevent diabetes.

9. Cancer Prevention Phytochemicals of apples are antioxidants that inhibit or prevent oxidative effects on human cells, and some specific phytochemicals can stimulate the body's immune system, It has the effect of reducing the substance and inhibiting the spread of the tumor. Other phytochemicals have been shown to stimulate enzymes that inhibit the activity of cancer-causing substances and protect human cells from carcinogens. (Colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, etc.)

10. Oral health Eating apples without cutting the skin is hard, so the number of chewing increases the number of facial muscle movements, which increases the flow of blood in the brain and chew well, so saliva increases secretion. So, in Europe and America, apples are called "natural toothbrushes."

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