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5 Benefits of Eating Tomato: Tomato Helps Fatigue Recovery and Cold Prevention

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Benefits of Eating Tomato
(Photo : Pixa Bay) Benefits of Eating Tomato

Recently, research results on tomato efficacy have been announced. It has excellent antioxidative effect to protect skin from aging skin, prevent aging of cells, and to inhibit various cancers. Among them, we will inform you about 5 kinds of tomato efficacy.

The tomato is known as the supply of vitamins and minerals containing antioxidants, stroke, myocardial infarction prevention, low blood sugar and cancer prevention.

1. Tomato is very good for fatigue recovery and cold prevention. Beta carotene in tomato is transformed into vitamin A in the body and is used for protection and strengthening of skin and mucous membrane. Carotene is known to be a whitening effect, but it is effective in preventing colds by making parts of the nose and nose virus intrusive.

And the sour taste of tomatoes such as citric acid and malic acid protects the gastric mucosa, activates the function of the stomach, and promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids by citric acid, which is also effective for heat and fatigue.

2. Tomato can prevent aging and lifestyle diseases. The lycopene ingredient in tomatoes is a coloring component of tomato that looks red and is a kind of carotenoid, and it is also contained in fruits like watermelon. Lycopene is known to have a strong antioxidant effect twice as much as beta-carotene and 100 times as much as vitamin E, and it is also known to eliminate active oxygen and prevent aging, lifestyle-related diseases, cancer prevention and various other beneficial effects . Contains antioxidants of beta-carotene and rutin. These ingredients inhibit oxidation of bad cholesterol and keep blood flowing smoothly.

3. It helps prevention of hypertension. It contains vitamin C, which acts to lower blood pressure among tomatoes, and potassium, which controls the water content in blood and promotes and prevents hypertension by promoting the release of sodium and rutin. Potassium regulates the amount of sodium in the blood, and it also improves edema by releasing unnecessary water. Because it contains a lot of antioxidants, it helps blood circulation and helps improve edema. It is especially effective for peripheral vascular edema.

4. Lycopene has the effect of increasing the secretion of growth hormone, increasing the basal metabolic rate, leading to fat burning and inhibiting fat accumulation. Antioxidants, including lycopene, are also effective in boosting blood circulation and improving metabolism.

5. Tomato has anti-aging effect. Antioxidant activity of lycopene is effective in preventing skin aging by stain, wrinkles, skin sagging, and keratinization caused by active oxygen.

In addition to anti-aging effects by antioxidant, lycopene promotes the synthesis of collagen to regulate skin and mucous membranes, and has a whitening effect that inhibits the synthesis of melanin pigment. Vitamin C also has UV protection and whitening effects. And the routine component nursing and expanding the capillary blood vessels is also acting and has the effect of improvement.

Beta-carotene, which helps maintain healthy skin and hair, and biotin to help maintain skin health, also maintains the health of the skin's mucous membranes and prevents inflammation.

As the European saying "If the tomato is red, the doctor's face will be blue." Tomato is a healthy food that does not need a doctor.

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