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10 Benefits of Eating Garlic: Garlic Promotes Digestion

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Benefits of Eating Garlic
(Photo : Pixa Bay) Benefits of Eating Garlic

Lets learn about 10 really good garlic effects on our body.

1. Powerful sterilization and antibacterial activity: Alicin rich in garlic has a strong bactericidal action, such as Penicillin or Terra It has stronger sterilizing power than maicin.

2. Strength enhancement, tonic effect and fatigue recovery: Garlic is combined with vitamin B1 germanium, vitamin B1, unlimited absorption, the body And it is good when you are tired or fatigued.

3. Increased tack, improved atherosclerosis, suppress body aging: Alicin, rich in garlic, cleanses blood when bound to lipids, Activate and promote blood circulation, warm the body.

4. Improvement of hypertension: Potassium in garlic normalizes blood pressure by removing sodium in blood To do.

5. Improve diabetes: Alicin, which is rich in garlic, stimulates pancreatic cells to promote secretion of insulin This will improve your diabetes.

6. Anticancer action: Organic germanium and selenium in garlic are effective in inhibiting cancer and preventing cancer. is.

7. Atopic dermatitis and allergy inhibition effect: Garlic has a glass of Betahexigosaminidase enzyme which is liberated in allergic reaction. It works.

8. Promotes suits and digestion Alicin, which is rich in garlic, stimulates the gastric mucosa, promotes gastric juice secretion, It acts to promote action.

9. Detoxification action: Cysteine ​​and methionine contained in garlic are powerful detoxifying agents, Alliin, Alicin, Chioether, Melgaptan, Hydrogenated Hydrogen Components and Its derivatives emit heavy metals such as mercury and remove bacteria.

10. Nerve stabilization and soothing effect: Alicin, which contains a lot of garlic, acts on the nerves of the human body, Calms and stabilizes, relieves stress and improves insomnia.

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