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(VIDEO) NFL Super Bowl 2017 View Rating: How Many People Watched the Game?

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The average audience rating of the 2017 Super Bowl broadcast yesterday was 48.8%, the third highest in history.

The average rating of the Super Bowl was 48.8 percent, followed by Atlanta and Boston with 57 percent and 54.3 percent respectively, Nielsen said.

The number of viewers who watched the Super Bowl was estimated to be 111 million, one third of the US population.

This year's Super Bowl TV advertising price was reported to be up to $ 5 million and $ 5.7 billion per 30 seconds.

The Super Bowl has always drawn a healthy audience, increasing almost geometrically through the decades from its initial two-network telecast in 1967, but it wasn't until 2010 that it cracked the 100 million viewer mark.

Super Bowl XLIII in 2009 gathered 98.7 million views for a Pittsburgh Steelers win over the Arizona Cardinals - 2010's Super Bowl XLIV spiked to 106.5 million for the New Orleans Saints' dismantling of the Indianapolis Colts. Since then it's been fairly steady growth, with some minor fluctuations in the last few years.

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