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(PHOTO) Man Spends More than $80k on Facial Surgery to Look Like Britney Spears

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A man who is a fan of American pop star Britney Spears got a cosmetic surgery to look like Spears.

Brian Ray, 31, of Los Angeles, California, admired Britney Spears as a child. He watched Britney Spears on TV and volunteered for his first fan.

Since then, Ray has been performing as a singer and performing on the stage of Britney Spears' reenactment. He wanted to look at Britney Spears' interviews, makeups, choreography, and so on. However, he was unfamiliar with this, and he eventually got laminate surgery to have the same smile as Britney.

After the laminate procedure, he was told to 'look a lot like Britney Spears'. After that, he continued to practice nose, hair removal, lip filler, and botox to be more like Britney Spears.

In order to be like Britney Spears, he received about $80,000 worth of treatments.

"I do not regret at all," Ray said. "Even now, Britney Spears has always been perfect and my eternal idol."

To date, he has met Britney Spears three times and has motivated himself through the encounter. He plans to try to make it more like Britney Spears with his anti-aging skin treatment.

 When the lights come on I'll be ready for this.

A photo posted by Bryan Ray (@beeray416) on Jan 17, 2017 at 8:14pm PST

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