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NBA Trade Rumors: Will Carmelo Anthony Leave New York Knicks?

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As the NBA trade deadline is approaching, teams are busy trying to finalize their trading.

There is little time left for the team to understand the complicated equations, which the team is trying to rebuild by recruiting teams and prospects to score in the 2016-2017 season.

Lebron James' Cleveland is chasing the Eastern Conference title with 35 wins and 15 losses.

However, Cleveland is a little shaky this season compared to the Golden State Warriors, who are playing superbly at the Western Conference.

Cleveland kept its lead in the Eastern Conference with 32 wins and 14 losses, but maintained a 50 percent win rate with eight wins and eight losses in 16 games last month.

It is the analysis that James and Kyrie Irving are well but the team power still weak.

Main Guard J.R. Smith is unable to play for more than a month because of a finger injury.

Guard Matthew Dellavedova was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks as a substitute, and Timofey Mozgov moved to the Los Angeles Lakers while Mo Williams retired.

These vacancies are filled by newcomers. "We have not got any better than last year," James said.

Because of this, the club is also active in trade. More specifically, the New York Knicks' 13-year forward, Carmelo Anthony, is being targeted for trade.

The only problem is that New York wants Cleveland's 8-year forward Kevin Love instead of sending Anthony. Cleveland recently rejected New York's offer to trade Love with Anthony.

However, New York Daily News reported that James is pressing the club to sign Anthony even if he sends out Love.

"It's a good thing that I'm not going to play anymore," Cleveland said.

In addition, Cleveland is known to be watching Los Angeles Lakers' point guard José Calderón to fill the void of Juki Guard.

Sacramento Kings' DiMarcus Cousins, now one of the NBA's best centers, is also an interest in the trade market.

There was also a report that the Phoenix Suns would give up Cousins instead of Alex Len and forward TJ Warren from the Ukrainian center.

Although Sacramento immediately denied the report, some analysts say that it is unlikely that Cousins will become a free agent in 2018.

The teams that have been the source of the rumors of the trades so far are starting to see the fact that they are in fact unfocused, but they can change their positions at any time as the trade deadline approaches.

The NBA's trade deadline for this season is February 23.

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