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Donald Trump News: Should Trump Read More Books?

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The movement to send books to the White House for President Donald Trump is getting attention.

CNN reported on the movement to "cover the White House with a book on Valentine's Day", led by a civil society group opposing Trump President, is getting popular and is spreading rapidly through social media.

The writer and educator members of a civic group called "Readers are Leaders" have recently launched a campaign to send books to President Trump ahead of Valentine Day on Facebook.

It is the intention of criticizing President Trump, who is breaking the United States with a hard-line policy, and building up the right knowledge through reading.

The most selected books include the animated cartoon The Rolex, written by a famous fairy tale writer, and a memoir about the massacre of the Jews in Nazi Germany. It is aimed at Trump President's unscrupulous climate change response and racist policy.

According to the official website of the White House, there is a message that "We do not recommend sending gifts directly to the President and his family, but if it's sent it will be accepted"

More than a thousand people are interested in Facebook's campaign to send books to President Trump.

The White House, however, is asking people not to send their personal collection of items since it can be broken and delayed.

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