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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date and Price: Will Be More than $1000?

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The price of the Galaxy S8, Samsung's next strategic smartphone, is expected to reach a maximum of 6488 yuan. (Around $942 US)

According to the GSM Arena and Twitter in China on July 7, Samsung Electronics plans to launch the Galaxy S8 with 4GB of RAM in 64GB models and 6GB of RAM in 128GB models.

The 4GB and 64GB models will be launched in Europe and North America excluding Korea and China, and the price is estimated at 6,088 yuan (Around $884 US) . The 6GB and 128GB models will be available in Korea and China at 6488 yuan (Around $942 US) .

The venture beat is expected to be priced at 799 euros for the 5.8-inch model and 899 euros for the 6.2-inch model. The previous model, the Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB model is worth $ 750 (about 860,000 won) compared to the 100,000 won. The launch price of the Galaxy S7 Edge is 968,000 won for the 64GB model and 1012,000 won for the 128GB model.

The Galaxy S8 has minimized the bezel and raised the screen, but the overall size of the product is said to be unchanged. There is a possibility that a fingerprint recognition sensor is installed on the back and an iris recognition function is also installed. It will also be equipped with 'Bixby', a voice recognition secretarial service based on artificial intelligence.

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