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Donald Trump News: Abe to Invest $450 Billion in US for Next 10 Years?

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"Trump has become president, so we have to change our management plan."

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump will meet at the first summit in Washington, DC on Oct. 10, and the voice of such complaints is bursting in Japanese companies.

Abe is expected to make 700,000 jobs in the US and create new markets worth $ 450 billion over the next 10 years in order to win Trump's favor. And a "bag".

But it is Japanese companies that bend their backs. In order to achieve the investment plan, companies need to be supported.

The Financial Times (FT) on Thursday (July 7) said in an article titled "Abe is investing in companies to woo Trump," the Japanese government has given detailed information And the US is pushing to submit an investment plan.

Senior Japanese officials said they had asked the Japanese government to give specific figures to the US investment plan. Japanese public investment agencies also complained that Abe is expecting them to spend hundreds of billions of yen to build the US high-speed railway. Abe is expected to propose Trump to build a high-speed railway in Texas and California at the talks.

Last week, Abe met with Toyota Chairman Toyoda of Akio Toyota. It is unclear what they were talking about, but there is speculation that a strategy to overcome Trump, which is increasingly dissatisfied with trade with Japan, has been discussed.

Japanese companies are complaining that Abe is asking for a plan to invest in the US that exceeds companies' ability to appease Trump, the FT said.

"We do not have to change our management plan because Trump has become president," an official from a large manufacturing industry in Japan said, "We invest when we really need it."

According to the Asahi Newspaper reported on the 8th, Prime Minister Abe is preparing for a gift bag for Trump, saying, "It is like tribute diplomacy." It is a criticism that it shows Japan's sense of crisis.

Prime Minister Abe is expected to attend the meeting at the end of this year's meeting with three ministers, including Aso Taro, Vice President and Treasurer, Fumio Kishida, Foreign Minister, Seiko Hiroshige, Said it was unusual for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to visit the United States with the backbone of Japan's economic and foreign policy. He said the purpose was to appeal to the Abe administration, which emphasizes relations with the United States.

The Japanese government had originally intended to call for the importance of the Pacific Rim Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP), which Trump had decided to withdraw from, but the prime minister said, "There is a possibility that Trump will be ignore even if he hears the word T out of TPP's ." "Asahi said.

Asahi said the Japanese government has been under pressure to provide a forum for dealing with bilateral economic issues led by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Aso and Mike Fence, the vice president of the United States.

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