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Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked? Where Will Fingerprint Sensor Located?

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On May 5, Samsung Electronics' smartphone 'Galaxy S8' case, which is estimated to be leaked through the Chinese version of Twitter Weibo, is on the Internet, and there is a fierce debate over the fingerprint sensor on the back of the Galaxy S8. IT bloggers, as well as overseas media, added that it would be uncomfortable if the hand was small or short, and that the quality of the image would deteriorate because the fingers were touching the lens. On the other hand, .

Sam Mobile, a Samsung specialist IT online media, is conducting surveys on 'Where should the fingerprint sensor be?' Samsung Electronics said, "I can not confirm that the leaked case is for the Galaxy S8," but it has been successful once again to raise interest in the Galaxy S8, which was released at the end of March. In the marketing industry, leaking marketing is a marketing technique that denies the relevance of such products.

◇ Smartphone Ricking Marketing Starting from iPhone 4

The beginning of smartphone 'mystic marketing' is Apple famous for secrecy. In March, 2010, an IT specialist media gizmodo reported 'iPhone 4' that Apple engineer placed in a bar in Silicon Valley, USA. A year and a half later, in August 2011, the iPhone 5, which was about to launch at the time, was leaked in a similar way. In some cases, it has become so effective that it is suspicious that Apple has been strategically shed. In June 2010, Samsung Electronics 'South African subsidiary uploaded' Galaxy Tab 'real photo on Twitter before it was deleted, and LG Electronics' first premium smartphone 'Optimus G' was photographed at IFA (Europe's largest CE fair) A month before it was released, it flowed to the Internet in August 2012.

There are also observations that smartphones are high priced at tens of thousands of won, and that the demand for and interest of consumers is greater than that of any IT device. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook have boomed around the world, and the speed and range of information delivery has also increased.

An IT industry official said, "Starting with computer graphic images 60 days before launch, we will go to the stage where 30 days ago, we will be informed about specific functions." "We will not feel completely new "He said.

◇ Mobile World Congress (MWC)

This year, LG Electronics' G6 and Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S8 will be released every month at the end of February, making competition more intense. On the 12th of last month, the G6 posted a video showing the implications of the features on YouTube and Facebook, and a real photo highlighting rounded edges at the end of last month was also released through overseas IT media. On the 8th, there was news that the price of LG Electronics G6 would be 890,000 won. The G5, which was unveiled at the end of February last year at MWC, was not announced until the end of March.

In particular, Samsung Electronics decided not to release the Galaxy S8 in MWC, and it is analyzed that MWC is strengthening pre-marketing to check LG Electronics G6 to release its products. Samsung Electronics is expected to reveal only the Galaxy S8 Silhouette image at all MWCs. "As Samsung tries to tie consumers' attention to competing products and sends a signal that they should wait for our products to come out," LG said in a statement. "He said.

"The Galaxy S8 is a product that has been revived by Samsung since the Note 7 incident, and LG Electronics G6 is an important product that will determine the direction of LG's mobile business," said Lee Byung-tae, professor of business administration at KAIST. "He said.

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