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LG G6 and Galaxy S8 Release Date and Specs: Which Smartphone is Better?

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LG Electronics announced on 26th that it will launch its next major smartphone 'G6' on the 26th, and there are growing questions about its launch date and application function of its competitor Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S8. Samsung Electronics delayed the launch of the Galaxy S8 after the Mobile World Congress (MWC) to identify the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 and to prevent the recurrence of the Galaxy Note.

According to industry sources on September 9, Samsung Electronics is expected to unveil 'Galaxy S8' in New York on the 29th of next month. The official release date is expected around mid-April. Samsung Electronics unveiled its previous Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 at MWC, but this time it was inevitably delayed by fixing the Galaxy Note 7.

'Galaxy S8' is scheduled to be released one month later than 'G6', which means that it gives LG Electronics a pre-order ticket. This means that the company has lost the opportunity to pre-empt the replacement of mobile phones, which means that it can no longer enjoy favorable sales. Samsung Electronics, which previously considered "market preemption" as a priority, chose "Ji-geong" rather than an excessive "fast-paced" in order to provide defect-free products without repeating the same mistakes as "Galaxy Note 7". "We will restore consumer confidence, which was lost due to quality and safety upgraded products," said Dong-Jin Dong, chief executive officer of Samsung's wireless business unit at the IM (IT and mobile) division.

The release date has been somewhat delayed, but interest in the Galaxy S8 is already hot. Apart from the company's position that "I can not tell you anything related to new products", information about 'Galaxy S8' is pouring out mainly in foreign countries. Rendering image on the eighth day, and news related to 'Galaxy S8' such as artificial intelligence (AI) voice secretary service 'Bixbee' followed.

PhoneArena and Sam Mobile said that the AI ​​voice secretary who applies to the Galaxy S8 will support 7 to 8 languages ​​including Korean, English and Chinese. It supports a variety of languages ​​compared to Google's voice recognition AI service "assistant" and Google's AI messenger "Alo". 'Assistant' supports two languages, English and German, 'Alo' supports English, German, Hindi, Japanese and Portuguese. Apple's "Siri," the forerunner in speech recognition AI services, currently supports 20 languages.

Samsung Electronics is expected to expand its use to all of its products, including smart TVs, home appliances and other devices, through its 'Big Sbi'. The company expects Bixby to play a major role in Samsung's product lineup in the future. Earlier, Samsung Electronics acquired Viv Labs in October of last year and focused on developing Bixby.

In addition, the 'Galaxy S8' series is expected to be released as 'Galaxy S8' and 'Galaxy S8 Plus'. The Galaxy S8 is expected to be 5.7 inches or 5.8 inches and the Galaxy S8 Plus 6.1 inches or 6.2 inches. The application processors are Samsung Axis 8895 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. The camera is expected to have 8 million pixels on the front and 12 million pixels on the back.

As information about product launch date and performance flows, interest in price is also rising. The industry is expected to be a big hit in terms of launch and performance, as well as price and promotion. The Galaxy S8 is expected to cost between $100- $110 per storage space.

Samsung Electronics will not release Galaxy S8 at MWC, but will release Galaxy S8 teaser video and expect to release it. The company also showed 'Gear S3' teaser video at the MWC event last year. Samsung Electronics official said, "Galaxy S8 'teaser image, appearance silhouette, disclosure and release date will contain information," he said.

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