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iPhone 7 News: Matte black iPhone 7 plus painting coming off?

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Apple's iPhone 7 Matte Black color users complaints are increasing in number.

According to 9to5Mac, number of consumers using the iPhone 7 Matte Black model is peeling off.

9to5Mac said the iPhone 7's matte black finish was similar to that of the iPhone 5 Black. Also, people who appeal for this phenomenon are increasing on the forums. It also appears that the iPhone 7 plus is more affected than the basic model, the iPhone 7.

One user said, "In three weeks after I bought the iPhone 7 Plus, the paint near the right speaker began to scratch or peel off." The user said, "I contacted AppleCare and asked me to send me some pictures, and after 12 days, AppleCare has told me that I am out of warranty."

This problem seems to be common in speaker grills. One user said, "This paint has begun to peel from the speaker grill, which is pretty disappointing for Apple," he said, "I've never dropped or hit anything else."

Another user who said, "The same problem happened with the iPhone 7 plus matte black color," another user said, "In the first week, there was a gap near the back of the Apple logo. In the second week, the paint was peeled off at the corner of the speaker grill and volume buttons. "He said.

Some users say they can solve the problem with acrylic paint, but they can not prevent other parts of the paint from peeling off.

In fact, many users have experienced this kind of wear and this is happening soon after purchasing mostly matte black color. 9to5Mac says it's time to see how widespread this is.

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