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5 Amazing Benefits of Doing Yoga

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5 Amazing Benefits of Doing Yoga
(Photo : Creative Commons) 5 Amazing Benefits of Doing Yoga

Yoga improves flexibility and reduces stress. But there is also an unknown effect. Let's look at five things that are not well known for yoga.

1. Increase immunity.

Recent Norwegian studies have shown that doing yoga promotes immunity at the cellular level. Other activities, such as listening to music or hiking, had a much better effect. And yoga increases immunity by promoting overall health. Learning how to breathe better can make it move better, improve blood circulation, and work well with other organs.

2. Reduce the migraine.

Recent studies have found that people who have practiced yoga for three months have much less migraine headaches. The cause of migraine is not yet clear. There is talk that migraine occurs when mental stress and physical harmony are out of sync. If you tilt your computer or smartphone and straighten your bent shoulders and straighten your head, the physical imbalance can be resolved and the migraines can be resolved.

Lay your back on the ground and bend your knees. And let the soles stand out from the bottom. Hold your hand on the floor and set your legs toward the sky.

3. Increases libido.

Studies have shown that yoga for 12 weeks increases sexual desire. It works regardless of the man and the woman. Yoga increases blood circulation to the sexual organs, which is associated with erectile function. And by learning mental control and breathing techniques, you can improve your sex life.

4. You will be able to sleep better.

The Harvard study found that those who practiced yoga for eight weeks had much better sleep. Experiments were people who usually suffer from insomnia. And according to other research, about two yoga a week helps people overcome cancer and makes them feel less tired. Breathing exercises and mental training through yoga slows your mind and makes you sleep better.

5. You can control your appetite.

According to a study by the University of Washington, regular yoga exercises have the effect of helping mind and mind. If you deepen your awareness of your body through yoga, you will be able to cope with a specific desire, for example, a desire for food. And when you have an appetite, you slowly take into consideration the habit of choosing good food.

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