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10 Essentials for an Effective Workout Routine

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Starting a regular workout routine is an achievement. Keeping it up is an even bigger procurement. Yet, staying healthy and creating that perfect body aren't just about getting you to the gym. What you do during your workout routine is also extremely important. To help you out, here are the some of the essentials you need to keep in mind with your workout routine.

The detailed workout plan

Before I outline some of the essential moves and accessories you need for a successful workout routine, let's start with the most basic essential: the plan. You shouldn't walk into a gym and wing it, as it can just end up with you focusing on a single muscle group or wasting your time walking around. It's also easier to skip those moves you don't necessarily love to spending all of your time on the exercise bike. So, the night before, write down the things you should focus on or find an online regime to follow.

The necessary warm-up

Some people still insist warm-up is not necessary for an effective workout. These people are unfortunately wrong and you shouldn't touch a weight, take a running step or hop on the yoga mat before a bit of stretching and warming up. A good warm-up routine is essentially just about preparing your body for the movements and ensuring it's ready for the added pressures.

The perfect balance

You need to balance cardio with strength training. No matter what your ultimate workout goal is, a balance of the two will guarantee you maintain a healthy focus and move in closer to your goals. Don't just stick to one plan, but ensure you mix up your routine and the type of exercise you do. So, don't just do cardio or weight training, but keep mixing it up.

The lovely lunge

In terms of the moves you need for effective workout routine, the lunge should be at the top. You can easily do it either with weights & bar or barbells. The move will result in stronger leg muscles and better body control.

The crazy deadlift

Don't let the words scare you. The deadlift is only going to end the sloppiness of your upper body muscles! The move is easy and you can start it with or without much weight. The only rule of the deadlift is that you need to have a weight in the ground and lift it up. The workout works wonders for your upper body, strengthening muscles in your glutes and upper back.

The rightful squats

Squats are often referred to as the 'King of exercise' and it really isn't a wonder. The simple movement helps you strengthen your lower body, activating each leg muscle in the process. Furthermore, if you are one to feel easily bored, you can ensure squats never feel lame. The variation available is unbelievable from goblet squat to overhead squat - each adding a little something extra to your routine.

The comfortable gear

Aside from focusing on the right moves and creating a good balance with your routine, you do need the right gear to keep going. Nike UK deals are great for ensuring you find just the right gym clothes for the right price to support your success. If your clothing is comfortable and supportive, you avoid injury and you feel more confident when exercising. This can be an important point, especially for women.

The blasting music

Do you feel drowned half way through your routine? If you need the extra kick, something to keep you going the extra mile, music can be a great support. Invest in good headphones, if your workout routine is in a public space. Then you just need to download music on your phone that is guaranteed to keep you working a bit harder each workout. If you need suggestions, check out the list at Muscle and Fitness.

The supportive fuel

You can't achieve a healthy and lean body with just working out. The other half of your healthy body comes from nutrition and if you want to see fast results with your workout routine, you need to focus on fuelling your body right. The Body Coach has great information on how to eat well while starting to exercise.

The timely de-load

Once you get going it's easy to stick to your routine and just keep pushing yourself further. Exercising can be addictive and the feeling you get afterwards is exhilarating. Yet, just like any addictive behaviour, too much of something is never good. You need to schedule enough rest to your plan. Skipping the gym every once in a while isn't an issue - strive for an 80% workout 20% rest balance and you are good to go.

There you have it. The 10 essentials that are guaranteed to make your workout routine more effective and help you reach your goals in no time. Just stay focused and keep your eye on the ball - a healthy and lean body takes a bit of time, but you will get there if you stay determined and trust the process.

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