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Pokemon Go News and Rumors: iPhone Users Play Pokemon Go Game More than Galaxy Phone Users in Korea

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Pokemon Go
(Photo : Official Website of Pokemon)

Apple iPhone users are generally more likely to enjoy AR games "Pokemon" than Samsung and LG smartphone users.

According to Gallup Korea surveyed 7,700 adults nationwide on July 7-9, 36% of 156 users of Apple iPhone users answered that they have played Pokemon games.

That's double the 18 percent of the overall average.

On the other hand, experience with Pokemon of Samsung and LG users was less than average.

16% of Samsung Galaxy users, 16% of Galaxy Note users, 17% of LG users, and 16% of users of LG smart phone users said that they had chosen Pokemon.

The result is that the older you are, the more you use your iPhone, and the more you play Pokemon, the more likely it is that there is a causal relationship between iPhone usage and Pokemon experience.

The percentage of respondents who said they use iPhone is 40% for their 20s, 34% for their 30s, 10% for their 40s, 2% for their 50s and 2% for those over 60s.

The experience of Pokemon is similar to 48% in the 20s, 30% in the 30s, 11% in the 40s, 6% in the 50s and 2% in those over 60s.

Gallup Korea has been investigating smartphone usage rate for adults nationwide every month since January 2012, and the percentage of people who have spent 53% in the first survey has skyrocketed to 93% in January.

According to the survey in January, 99 percent of the respondents in their 40s or younger age, 97 percent in their 50s, and 76 percent in their 60s or older used smartphones, respectively.

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