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How Iceland is Preventing Drugs Abuse Among Youth

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The doctors behind the strategy are talking their strategy through, starting with the stress that causes people to turn to these substances. They want to give their young people a different way to deal with the pressures of their life, like exercise or socialisation. Keeping these youths active and healthy is half the battle to keeping them off drugs.

Sadly, youths in other countries aren't quite as fortunate, as their system isn't quite as responsive. They are instead forced to look to facilities that do understand them after the fact, like luxurybeachrehab.com a rehab center in Florida that specialises in all kinds of treatments. They work with people of all ages to help them overcome their problems and worth through the causes of addiction.

The experts in Iceland are forward thinking and putting prevention first, rather than curing. This helps them to save money and improve the lives of their youths. They are able to manipulate their own brains to give them more natural highs through achievements and exercise. This movement teaches youths to use the endorphins that they get from exercise and stress relief to provide a better life for themselves.

Preventing substance abuse with such a strategy just makes sense and it's proving to be paying off for the country. They do have treatment facilities too, to help those that have already been affected by substance abuse, so neither of these demographics is left out. They've added and adjusted their laws to make them work for the people that they are trying to help.

This flexibility is something that not many other countries are open to, even though it is possible to do. Iceland's trial and error approach means that they are constantly refining their strategy to give their population the best chance of succeeding. While the same strategy doesn't work for every individual, the numbers are indicative of great success.

Even small things like their yearly Leisure Card, means that youths get a grant from the government to spend on cultural activities. They're not bored and tempted to experiment with drugs, they're watching movies in the cinema and trying out new activities.

This work to ask youths what they want and provide them with it is admirable and clearly having an effect on addiction rates. The quality of life in this country is amazing and it's easy to see that their government officials are taking the right path in this regard.

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