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iPhone 8 News and Update: Apple to buy next-generation iPhone OLED from China BOE?

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It is reported that Apple will receive an active organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) from a Chinese company, which will be used as a next-generation iPhone display that will be launched ambitiously in celebration of its 10th anniversary. Until now, Samsung Display has been supplying it mainly.

Bloomberg News quoted a well-informed source as saying that Apple is negotiating with the Chinese BOE Technology Group on how to get AMOLED, a display for next-generation iPhones. For this reason, Apple has already been testing BOE's AMOLED for several months.

Accordingly, the BOE has invested nearly 100 billion yuan to build two AMOLED factories in southwest China's Sichuan province. It is not yet decided whether or not BOE should be included in the formal supplier list, but the BOE side expects actual deliveries by 2018 or later.

If the BOE is selected as Apple's OLED supplier, it will be Apple's next-generation iPhone supplier for the first time, except Korea and Japan. Apple appears to be looking for alternative suppliers to complement Samsung Electronics, as OLED displays are under supply shortages in the global market. Although Samsung Display, LG Display, Sharp, and Japan Display are establishing a four-tier system for OLED makers globally, Apple believes that these items alone may be enough for the new iPhone.

"The fact that Apple is looking for additional OLED suppliers is a great opportunity for BOE," said James Yan, Counterpoint Research Director. "But even so, it won't Sansumg too much".

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