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LG G6 Release Date, Specs and News: New LG Phone Shows Big Improvement in Sound

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LG Electronics will upgrade its next-generation premium smartphone 'LG G6' with a quad DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter).

The new Quad DAC is supplied by ESS, a company specializing in high-performance audio chipsets. The new quad DAC features fine control of left and right sound, enhancing sound balance and reducing noise.

The DAC is a device that converts digital sound signals consisting of 0 and 1 into analog sound signals that can be heard by humans. The better the performance, the more the sound distortion and noise are reduced more effectively, resulting in a clean sound quality. The quad DACs implement four DACs on a single chip, reducing the size by a factor of four and lowering noise by up to 50% when using one DAC.

LG Electronics plans to launch the LG V20, which has the world's first quad DAC built in last year, and will continue to lead the premium smartphone sound market with the LG G6.

The new quad DAC applied to the 'LG G6' effectively controls the left and right earphones separately to control the left and right earphones separately. Also, by adjusting the balance of sound, listeners can feel the stereoscopic feeling of listening to music directly at the concert scene.

The new Quad DACs have increased circuit integration, lowering the negative distortion to 0.0002% of the luxury audio level and minimizing the loss of acoustic information. As the loss of information is less, the listener can hear a clean sound close to the original sound.

The path for transmitting sound signals inside the chip has also been widened. The ability to process large, high-quality sound sources quickly and accurately allows listeners to enjoy high-volume 32-bit hi-fi sources without interruption.

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