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Facebook vs YouTube: Video Streaming Battle Gets Fierce

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Facebook will expand its video content business beyond mobile to TV. With the launch of an application that can watch videos on TV, it reveals its ambition to take control of the TV advertising market, and it is full of war with YouTube, the world's largest video platform.

"We will be launching Facebook TV apps on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV App Store soon," the company said on its official blog. .

The Facebook TV video app provides videos shared on one page with friends or arms, popular videos around the world, and recommendations based on interests. So far, we've seen videos from Facebook timeline that can be viewed on TV.

The move is part of a "Video First" strategy that has been highlighted by CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. He said in November last year, "Over the next five years, video will be the most consumed content online, going beyond text and photos."

Facebook have been strengthening mobile video by launching Facebook Live service and letting the video in the timeline be played automatically. However, the percentage of users accessing mobile by 94% of all users reached the growth limit.

As Facebook shows its ambition for TV videos Youtube cannot help but to be tense . "Creators can compete directly with YouTube, which is leading the video market, if space is built on Facebook to create a video community," said Tech Crunch.

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