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Kim Jong Nam Dead: Is His Son in Danger Also?

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The eldest son of Kim Jong Il or Kim Jong Eun 's half - brother Kim Jong - nam was killed and his interest in Kim Jong - nam' s son Kim Hansol.

Kim Hansol was the eldest son of Kim Jong-nam and his second wife, Lee Hye-kyung, who was born in Pyongyang and grew up overseas. After the Bosnian International School in 2012, he entered the Le Havre Campus of the University of Paris, the prestigious university of Paris in 2013.

In particular, he became the subject of a speech that denied the North Korean Kim Jong Eun's system.

In 2011, Kim Hansol conducted an online survey on 'Communism or Democracy' through Facebook and said he preferred democracy.

In addition, Kim Hansol is reported to have left comments directly on videos related to North Korea on YouTube video sharing site in 2007. Kimhs616, who is supposed to be Kim Hansol at the time, commented in a video titled "Anthem North Korea" posted by a netizen, "I know my people are hungry and I want to do something to help them."

However, Kim Hansol is known to have closed his account as his SNS and YouTube accounts became known to the outside world.

As Kim Jong-nam is killed, there is a voice of concern over his son Kim Hansol.

The National Intelligence Service said that Kim Hansol is in Macao and that "both families of Kim Jong-nam are protected by Chinese authorities."

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