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iPhone 8 Release Date and Rumors: Customized Wireless Charging Chip on iPhone 8 Coming?

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Apple is partnering with Broadcom to develop a future wireless charging chip for the iPhone.

CNBC reported on Monday that the two companies have been working on a two-year development effort to develop a next-generation wireless charging solution, citing a research note from JP Morgan analyst Harlan. It is not known whether this chip will be applied immediately to the iPhone this fall.

According to reports, despite the enormous development and aging period, the team's charging technology does not appear to be well-prepared for the iPhone this fall.
In particular, Hallan analysts believe that Apple seems to be delaying the integration of the charging technology for the iPhone with a lesson from Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 battery spoofing mistake at the end of last year.

Since launching the Galaxy Note 7 Pavelet in August last year, Samsung Electronics has reported that it is experiencing a spark from users all over the world, followed by voluntarily recalling 2.5 million units and eventually ending the process. This disruption, which was attributed to battery manufacturing defects, was a huge blow to Samsung's smartphone business, and it gave Apple the world's best smartphone in 4Q.

"Apple is still trying to integrate a high-power wireless charging system that relies on Li-Ion power storage technology into the iPhone," the analyst says.
"We believe that the rear glass cover of the terminal has the necessary conductivity for wireless charging because it reduces signal interference compared to the metal case," he wrote.

"Apple can differentiate itself from the pack and add value to its own hardware ecosystem by adding unique features such as fast charging or extended charging."

This report is in line with the expectations of KGI Securities' analyst Ming Chi Kuo .

"Apple plans to integrate wireless charging into its next iPhone 8," Ming Chi Kuo said earlier this month, saying that the "all-glass chassis of the iPhone 8 will use special graphite for heat dissipation."

According to rumors earlier this year, Apple has been working to provide long-range wireless charging for the iPhone, which will be available in the fall. However, the report said that Apple would choose a near-induction charging system like Apple's watch on the iPhone.

Anyway, Apple is expected to use wireless charging technology in some form on the iPhone 8, which is due this fall.

Ming Chi Kuo expects Apple this week to use the 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED display. But the bottom part was a 'functional area' of small strips for virtual buttons and controls. This leaves the active screen area at 5.15 inches diagonally.

Ming Chi Kuo also believes that Apple will abandon its existing physical touch ID home button and replace it with biometric hardware, especially optical fingerprint sensors and face recognition hardware.

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