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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Latest News: Galaxy Tab S3 keeps home buttons and enhances audio features

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Samsung Electronics unveiled its leaked manual on the tablet 'Galaxy Tab S3' released at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 at the end of February.

The manual shows some features such as the design of the Galaxy Tab S3 and the user experience (UX). First and foremost, four and two speakers are used at the top and bottom of the unit, respectively. In addition, USB C-type is applied, and Google's latest Android operating system 'Luke' wears.

Samsung Electronics is trying to eliminate the home button for the first time on the Galaxy S8, but the Galaxy Tab S3 will use the home button with the fingerprint sensor.

In addition, 'Security Folder' can be created to prevent other users from unauthorized use of their device, and 'Screen Off Memo' function which can switch the screen quickly while using tablet and leave notes with S pen is also applied.

Samsung Electronics is expected to release the Galaxy Tab S3 at MWC at the end of this month and be the first to be sold in Korea in March.

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