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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Update: New will not have a slot for S Pen

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, which will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 held on July 27, does not have a slot for S Pen.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 user manual, released on January 19, does not have room to store the S pen. However, this accessory is included in the box with the appliance.

The manual also specifies a new technology that leverages the S Pen. You can write text on the screen even when the device is turned off, and you can also translate words when you specify them using the S pen.

The Galaxy Tab S3 is available in both LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity only.

The main specification of Galaxy Tab S3 released by IT specialists is ▲ 9.6-inch AMOLED display (1536 x 2048), Snapdragon 820 ▲ 4GB RAM, and storage space of 32GB and 128GB.

Four and two speakers are used at the top and bottom of the unit, respectively, and a USB C-type is installed. It also wears Google's latest Android operating system, 'Luke'.

Samsung Electronics is trying to eliminate the home button for the first time on the Galaxy S8, but the Galaxy Tab S3 will use the home button with the fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Electronics expects the Galaxy Tab S3 to be released at the end of this month at MWC and sell it first in Korea in March.

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