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More Than a Thousand Cops Fail Fitness Test in the UK

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More than 1,000 police force in the UK failed their fitness test, suggesting they are overweight.
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In compliance to the Freedom of Information Law, more than 25 forces across Wales and England had to provide the public with details about the results of the fitness tests-and the number is somewhat disappointing.

The recent data revealed that more than 1,000 officers didn't make it to the standards of the fitness test as of 2013. Meanwhile, almost 50% of police hopefuls in Scotland also failed the exam.

One of these tests included the bleep, which should be taken annually. In this test, officers have to run for about 15 meters in a designated time. For example, men who are 29 years old and below should be able to complete 1.5 miles within 12 minutes. Women of the same age have an additional 2 minutes. Those who are 29 years old and above but no more than 45 years old should accomplish the same distance within 13 minutes, women 15 minutes. The ideal level is 13 for a Royal Marine and 9.2 for the Scotland police. Based on the results, many didn't reach the minimum mark.

The Metropolitan Police suggested a couple of changes to improve scores. In one of their publications, they recommended that officers should make hard run for around 30 minutes for three days each week. Those who failed will also have a one-on-one training with a Met instructor. At one point, those who failed for three years may have to suffer from an 8% pay cut.

Meanwhile, last August 24, 2014, an article in Daily Mail reported that police officers who don't want to do the bleep test may be asked to take on a treadmill and walk for around 9 minutes on a moderate incline.

It seems, however, the problem of overweight police isn't limited in the United Kingdom. In Argentina, over 75% of their police force are considered having abnormal weight mainly due to sedentary habits, stress. They are also believed to love junk food.

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