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iPhone 8 Release Date, Price, Specs and Rumors: Will Apple iPhone 8 have 3D camera?

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The Apple iPhone 8 will be equipped with a "revolutionary" front-facing camera that can detect 3D space and recognize faces, said KGi Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, an Apple specialist.

According to 9to5Mac and Business Insider, he predicted that the next camera on the front of the iPhone would be able to combine depth information with 2D images to enable facial recognition, iris recognition, and 3D self-portrait (self-portrait) . The analyst said the game could replace the face of the character with the face of the user. Sensor cameras that can detect how far an object is located can also be used for augmented reality (AR). Tim Cook Apple chief executive officially reveals great expectations for AR. Apple's iPhone 7 Plus also has two rear cameras that can detect depth at the beginning.

However, KGI expects the iPhone 8's 3D sensing front-facing camera will be much upgraded using infrared transceivers. It transmits infrared signals from the phone, detects the return signal after it hits an object.

"Future iPhone rear cameras will have similar systems," KGI added. Also, Apple said 3D algorithms were ahead of Android for several years, and 3D camera sensors would be a feature of the iPhone.

Apple acquired Prime Senses, a 3D sensor maker in 2013. In 2015, he bought a face lift for AR related companies and recently bought Real Face, which has face recognition technology. In addition to 3D sensors, there are many speculations about the iPhone 8.

The 5.8-inch OLED (organic light-emitting diode) model is getting smaller, but the bezel (screen border) is almost gone, so the phone size will be similar to 4.7 inches. The home button is integrated into the screen and is expected to include wireless charging. The price of the iPhone 8 is expected to exceed $ 1,000.

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