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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date and Rumors: Will it have soft key with minimum bezel?

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Samsung Electronics' flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 outlook and new features that can be estimated images leaked.

The Android community 'Android Police' released three Galaxy S8 estimated clip arts extracted from the Galaxy Tab S3 firmware. The Android Police is not sure why the Galaxy S8 features guide image is included in the Galaxy Tab firmware, but I assume that it will be related to the function of the two devices to synchronize or work together.

You can clearly see the navigation keys on the back and front of the Galaxy S8 through the public clip art. On the back, there is a camera flash and heartbeat sensor on the left, and a fingerprint sensor on the right, centered on the camera in the middle in the middle, as reported above.

In the front display part, the bottom groove button disappears, and the bezel is greatly reduced. The existing physical home button was replaced by a software key.

The most interesting part of the three cliparts is the Dex feature. Dex is said to have reduced the Desktop Experience. Galaxy S8 users can connect their smartphone to a monitor or TV and use Android like a PC on a big screen. In the image, the Dex Dock wired through the HDMI connector.

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