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MLB Rumors: Will Facebook Broadcast MLB Games?

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Facebook has been strengthening its video services, and this time, it is attracting attention because it is promoting the live broadcasting of MLB.

According to 9to5Mac Facebook is in the process of negotiating a relay stream for the US baseball major league (MLB) game. If negotiations are concluded, they may broadcast live streaming of major leagues through Apple TV apps that will be released soon.

Facebook is pushing the MLB game live, part of a spreading strategy for Apple TV apps, according to Nine to Five Mack.

According to reports, Facebook is negotiating a live broadcast of the MLB every week in the coming season, which is two months ahead.

Facebook is part of an effort to provide more live sports content. Another social media twitter is similar to last year's US professional football league (NFL).

In the meantime, the MLB has provided broadcast broadcasts via MLB TV, a live broadcast platform. However, accessibility is low because only paying subscribers can see it. Not a lot of subscription fees were a burden to ordinary viewers.

According to 9to5Mac , Facebook is looking at ways to earn money from advertisements instead of broadcasting free live broadcasts. Twitter also broadcasts free NFL games.

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