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iPhone 8 Screen Size: Will New iPhone Have 8.5 Inch Screen?

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It is expected that the size of the iPhone 8 (tentatively named) with organic light emitting diode (OLED) will be 5.8 inches in the next iPhone expected to launch this fall.

The Nikkei Asian Review said that the next iPhone series will be available in three models, two of which are the updated version of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus, and the iPhone 8 with the OLED (tentative name). I agree that the display size of the OLED-mounted iPhone is likely to be 5.8 inches.

In fact, the rumor that the 5.8-inch iPhone will be released began to be raised in March last year. Nikkei Asian Review said that the size of the 5.8-inch display will be larger than before, but the size of the body will remain the same because the bezel (border) will be reduced.

The media also said that the average price of the main body will rise by about 10 percent over the past three years to $700 ith the emergence of a large-screen OLED display model.

The most expensive model, the iPhone 8, is expected to sell at US $ 1,000.

According to FastCompany recently made the same claims as the Nikkei Asian Review. Fast Company estimated last month that the price of the iPhone 8 would be more than $ 1,000 more than the current best price of the iPhone 7 plus 256GB model ($ 969).

Taiwan's market research company TrendFOS announced on the 22nd of last month that the next iPhone will be equipped with 5.8-inch active organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) display along with the current version of iPhone 7 series, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, IPhone 8 and three models will be deployed.

The iPhone 8 has 3GB of RAM, like the iPhone 7 Plus, and has two storage capacities, 64GB and 256GB, Trendforce said.

The resolution of the iPhone 8 AMOLED display is 2K, and TrendForz predicts that the surface display will not be realized due to manufacturing yield problems and drop test results.

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