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Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors and Specs: Did Samsung Revealed the New Model to Partners Secretly?

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Samsung Electronics unveiled the Galaxy S8 at MWC unofficially to global partners.

According to the IT industry, Samsung Electronics exhibited the prototype of the Galaxy S8 at the Porta Pirata Hotel opposite Pirae Granvia, which was used as the MWC exhibition hall for four days starting from February 27 (local time).

This 4-star hotel on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​designed by famous Japanese architect, Ito, was a guest of the Samsung Electronics Wireless Business Department, Mr. Dong-jin Kim, who stayed at the MWC during his stay. Samsung Electronics introduced the Galaxy S8 by setting up a meeting room to hold meetings, and inviting partners from all over the world, including a demonstration room where visitors can touch the products on the lobby level and the first floor. In particular, Samsung Electronics built a temporary wall on the right corridor so that guests and guests could not see inside the lobby floor, and operated the VIP-only demonstration room and meeting room privately. Among them, the VIP-only demonstration room was much larger than the regular conference room, and utilized the latest smartphones including the Galaxy S8, as well as televisions, refrigerators and washing machines. We borrowed the entire first floor above the lobby floor and used it as a demo room and a meeting room. The Porta Pirá Hotel has 9 small conference rooms of 35 to 200 square meters and a 780 square meter conference room.

Most of the global partners who have visited the demo room have responded positively. Clients were often seen as "very impressive".

These are just some of the specs and features of the Galaxy S8. This is because the Samsung Electronics carefully took care of the entrance of the Galaxy S8 by confirming the identity of the participants in the demonstration room and receiving a letter of security maintenance so that specific information about the Galaxy S8 would not leak before the official announcement. Earlier in the invitation letter to the Galaxy S8 publicity event, which was sent to Global Media on the 26th of last month, Samsung Electronics announced the Galaxy S8 was trying to innovate that had never been before.

The Galaxy S8 is equipped with an artificial intelligence (AI) virtual assistant 'Bixby', iris / fingerprint sensor and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (Axis 8895) processor. Haman AKG earphones are provided as standard.

It is expected to set a record sales record for the Galaxy S series. Samsung Electronics recently announced that it will be calling the Galaxy S8 's large - screen display' Infinity '. It is similar to LG Electronics applying the "full vision" brand name to the G6 display. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be unveiled at the same time in New York and London, UK on the 29th of next month.

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