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iPhone News: Is iPhone 6 Reselling in Asia?

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Apple started to resell the iPhone 6, which is known to have been discontinued, in some Asian countries.

According to 9to5Mac, which deals with Apple expertise, Apple started to sell the iPhone 6 3GB model through some Asian carriers.

The actual iPhone 6 32GB model is being sold by a Chinese telecom company from the end of February, and will be launched via Taiwan Mobile, Taiwan Mobile, on the 10th. Taiwan Mobile plans to pay the iPhone 32 32GB model for $ 45 a month for free. Taiwan Mobile is getting a limited-edition pre-order for the iPhone 6 32GB model as the 'new' iPhone in 2017.

Interestingly, none of the existing iPhone 6 had a 32GB model. The iPhone 6, released in 2014, was the base model with 16GB. 64GB, 128GB plus three options were present. IPhone 6 has been discontinued with the launch of iPhone 7.

Apple is not officially selling the iPhone 6 32GB model. Instead, Apple is selling an iPhone SE with a smaller screen size but better parts than the iPhone 6. However, the iPhone 6 is available through retail stores and retail stores, and only the gold color is available.

The 9to5Mac expects the iPhone 32 32GB model to be available only to price-sensitive Asian consumers, as golf color is unique.

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