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iPhone Explosion News: IPhone 6 Plus Suddenly Explodes in Australia

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Apple's iPhone 6 Plus, which was not charging in Australia, was suddenly exploded.

IT Media Phone Arena reported on the 16th (local time) on the iPhone 6 explosion accident in Queensland on the 13th.

An explosion occurred when a user of the iPhone 6 Plus went to the repair center to replace the liquid crystal and battery of his smartphone.

According to the repair shop staff, as soon as the customer picked up the product and hit the screen with normal pressure, an explosion occurred with black smoke.

The repair worker looked at the exterior of the iPhone 6 Plus and disassembled the case for repair. The product was not charging.

When the explosion occurred, the customer holding the product dropped it immediately, and the fire was not spread so much as the company employee sprayed the fire extinguisher. But due to the black smoke, the repair shop had to close the store door one day. Apple has not yet announced its official position.

Last month, NBC News in Florida introduced an accident that would burn the entire house if it lit up at Apple 's iPhone 6 Plus on the bedside table.

Amanda Bentz slept on her bedside table as usual with her smartphone, the iPhone 6 Plus. About 3 o'clock in the morning. She was awakened by the sound of the "shh" and was surprised by the sight of fire in her eyes.

At the time, her iPhone 6 Plus was flammable and the product was melting. She immediately woke her husband who was sleeping next to her, and her husband put on his clothes and suppressed the fire.

The Li-ion battery in the iPhone 6 Plus is vulnerable to external shocks. Lithium ions can be divided into an anode and a cathode whose ions are charged while moving to the minus pole and discharged while moving to the plus pole.

We divide the two electrodes into 'separators', and the ions must flow only through the circuit. Accordingly, dropping the mobile phone or smearing the pet may damage the membrane and cause overheating during charging.

Since the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in August last year, Samsung Electronics' battery explosion has caused the product to be discontinued early. In January, Samsung Electronics pointed out the cause of the accident of the Galaxy Note 7 due to the pressure on the top of the battery, short circuit inside the battery due to thin membrane, insulation tape and membrane breakage.

Accordingly, the government plans to revise the current standard, which is the same as the international standard, until April, adding test items that are implemented by some countries, such as overcharging, mechanical shock, and vibration.

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