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Will Samsung Galaxy S8 Beat iPhone 8 Plus?

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'75 million vs 49 million'. Samsung Electronics and Apple's iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Electronics sold by the US market research organization 'IHS Market'. Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

The total number of smartphones shipped last year was 394 million units (based on Strategy Analytics), surpassing Apple (215.1 million units), but the number of premium smartphones released last year was behind Apple "He said.

It is an analysis that the gap in premium market opportunity was lost due to the discontinuation of 'Galaxy Note 7' which was released in October last year, and the gap was widened as most of the profit was taken by Apple. But this year's situation is different. The initial consumer demand for the next premium phone Galaxy S8 (hereinafter referred to as the Gal8 S8) has exceeded expectations.

◇ 'Galaxy S8' catching global consumer?Pre-sale high expectations = Domestic pre-bookings started on the 7th and 8th days The number of S8 reservation sales is 550,000. This is unprecedented, as it is 5.5 times more than the 100,000 units sold in the same period.

Overseas, the popularity of early - stage gigantic. During the pre-scheduled event in the UK, more than 40% of consumers compared to the previous S7 last year applied for a reservation. Russia also sold more than 20,000 units on its first day of booking sales, which was more than three times more popular than its predecessor.

If this momentum is expected, 49 million units will be sold last year, and it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S7, which has the highest sales record among the Samsung smartphone premiums, is likely to outperform the market. In the global financial sector, it was predicted that the sales volume of Galaxy S8 will reach 60 million units this year before the public event on the 29th of last month.

However, it is expected that sales will be greatly exceeded if the initial momentum continues. There is also a prospect that Apple will not be able to compete with a single strategic phone.

'Galaxy Note 8', which is expected to be released in September, seems to have added strength to 'Quantum jump' of Samsung premium smartphone. The Galaxy Note series is the only smartphone with global fandom except for the iPhone. Especially, it is expected that Samsung Electronics will concentrate the best technology in the past year, which is the result of a fire accident. That is why the expectation is that the iPhone will not be hit hard by the air raids last year.

◇ 'Gal8 S8' drag 'Gal Note 8' push ... It is also positive for Samsung Electronics that the timing of launch of the iPhone 8 next-generation strategic phone will be delayed.

According to a number of sources, Apple is using the AMOLED display on the iPhone 8 and is struggling with parts supply and optimization. It is expected that Apple will delay this year from October to November, unlike Apple's new product in September.

An industry official carefully predicted, "If Apple enjoyed the benefits of the Galaxy Note 7 discontinuance last year, the benefits of delaying the launch of the iPhone 8 could go back to Samsung Electronics."

If these conditions are met, Samsung and Apple's smartphone sales gap will sharply drop. According to Strategy Analytics (SA), Apple and Samsung Electronics recorded sales of $ 138.99 billion and $ 716.1 million, respectively, in the smartphone market last year.

A related official in the domestic telecommunication industry said, "Although Samsung SDI's premium products have been priced at the lowest prices, this year, Samsung's Galaxy S8 + 128GB products are priced at W120,500 compared to the lowest price model. "If the response to high-priced products is high, the sales volume will increase proportionately," he said.

"If Samsung Galaxy S8 is followed by Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Electronics will be able to break the formula of" Premium = Apple "." If this change is made, It is unlikely that the phone market will exceed Apple. "

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