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The Gym Really the Best Place to Meet Local Single Women

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If you're not interested in going to the bars or clubs to meet local single women, where else are you supposed to go? The obvious answer should be the gym because it's a sneaky sort of way to look for a date. You already have something in common with her, she isn't going to be on guard like she is at the bar, and... well, It's not easy to divert your eyes when you see a nice butt walk past you in skin tight leggings.

It's funny because although the gym is the perfect place to meet these women, more men strike out than you'd think! We've asked some female gym enthusiasts what turns the off when a guy approaches them mid-workout. They also told us what you should do instead!

Don't: Look like a mess.

You'd think that there's no point in looking good if you're going to get sweaty anyway, so you might throw on a tattered wife beater, old sweats, and grass stained sneakers. Oh lord, if you really do go to the gym like this, then it's no wonder women don't want to give you the time of day! Put some effort into it man!

Do: Put some effort into your appearance.

Instead of those stained and holy clothes you may wear around the house, go for clothes that flatter and look good. Opt for dark shorts that come just above the knee instead of sweat pants, and forget the white t-shirt and choose a dark colored shirt instead. Choose good sneakers that aren't stained or falling apart. Also, wear that deodorant and chew the gum-especially if you're going to be talking to a lady.

Don't: Ogle Yourself

There is a fine line between watching what you're doing in the mirror while lifting weights for safety reasons, and drooling over your pecs and that tiny hint of a six-pack that you're working on. Women understand that you're trying to be safe and not drop a heavy dumbbell on yourself, but they aren't going to like if you pay more attention to yourself than her. She really isn't going to like it if she's staring at you and your oblivious!

Do: Make Eye Contact

If you do catch a woman's eye while working out, make eye contact and smile. She's going to appreciate the gesture and it'll be an awesome way to start a conversation. If she looks like she may need help, offer to spot her. Also, if she accepts your help, praise her on her form and how well she is doing. Praise and encouragement really goes a long way if you're trying to impress a woman at the gym!

Don't: Offer Advice if She Doesn't Ask

It doesn't matter if you're the master of squats, you don't want to offer a woman advice unless she asks for it. Sure, you may mean well, but no one wants to be told that they are doing something wrong. Even if you aren't going to offer any advice, it's polite if you wait until she is finished  what she is doing before you approach her. Also, take note, if she is watching the TV or has her headphones on, chances are she's there to just work out and nothing more. So do yourself a favor and don't approach.

Do: Surprise Her With Random Acts of Kindness

Despite what some women will have you believe, they still like feeling like you're taking care of her. If you see a lady finishing a bottle of water, you can approach her gently and ask if she'd like another one, on you. While you may be the buffest guy in the place, that doesn't mean you should forget your manners. When you're nice to the woman you're interested, you also want to make it a point to be nice to other people around you too. Your kindness will not go unnoticed, believe that!

Insider tip: If you're at a local gym, people are going to know each other and there will be gossip. Before you actually go in and start hitting on the women, you might want to talk to a few regulars to find out who is single, who's not, and who isn't interested in dating. This will save you a lot of embarrassment if you hit on a lady with her husband bench pressing 300 pounds right around the corner. Yikes!

If you're not too keen on hanging out at the club or going to the bars, the gym is the next best place to meet local single women. If you follow these dos and don'ts, you just may meet the fit young lady of your dreams.

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