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Risk to Relax: The Health Effects of Online Gaming

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Online games are a hot subject nowadays, due in part to their incredible spread especially among younger generations. Playing online has many forms, ranging from seemingly innocent casual titles on smartphones to the games you can play at that involve real money wagers. The effects of gaming on society have been repeatedly discussed and studies in the past. There is one thing that has received less focus than desirable: the effect of online games on our wellbeing. Today, we're going to take a brief look at how certain types of casual games can benefit our health. Of course, there may be downsides but we'll leave those for another time.

Training your brain "muscle"

Aside from keeping players entertained, some games available online today have the potential to keep the mind trained. Poker, for example, is not only a popular pastime for many but also puts their minds to the test - after all, it's a game where players need to outwit and read their opponents, often only based on the way they act at the table. Although in a smaller measure, the popular All Jackpots game known as blackjack has a similar effect. It's not the opponent that has to be outwitted this time (the cards are dealt by computers at the All Jackpots) but the probabilities - players need to predict the house's hand on the fly, based on limited information. These games are not only entertaining but they promote alertness, quick thinking, and train the memory.

De-stress and relax

As opposed to the games above, slot machines are not engaging the brain but rather disconnect it. For many All Jackpots players, hitting the slots is not about thrill seeking but rather about disconnecting from the world around them. Slot machines have been shown to induce a state of mind similar to the "flow" described by psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, where one is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, a complete absorption in an activity. In the case of the slot machines, this can sometimes change into what's known as "the machine zone", where you can't - and won't - stop, being completely absorbed by the repetitive nature of playing.

By playing casino games (moderately, of course), people can relax and de-stress for a while, preventing burnout and seriously negative health effects caused by stress.

Moderation is the key

As with all other activities, casino games are to be consumed in moderation. Some of them can be far too attractive - even addictive for people prone to such behaviors. The environment in which the games are played makes all the difference, though - land-based gaming destinations have carefully designed interiors to make people want to stay more and play. When it comes to online games, played from the comfort of your home, the effects of the environment are not present, making the experience far more relaxing and casual.

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