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Mindblown: The Effects of Things on Our Brain

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Mindblown: The Effects of Things on Our Brain
(Photo : pixabay) Mindblown: The Effects of Things on Our Brain

How we perceive reality, how react to the world, how we feel, what we think and more can depend on innumerable factors. The day of the week, what we've eaten, the temperature, how light or dark it is, how much sleep we've had, what we wear, how we look and more can all alter our mood and make us act or think differently. These can all have positive or negative effects on us, with some being able to make us feel down while others help us brim with confidence. The affects things have on the brain can never be underestimated and it can be done with many things, with drugs being one of the most powerful.

A wide range of drugs can modify our mood and personality. You can feel happy, sad, excited, fretful, paranoid, enthralled, at ease, enthusiastic, indifferent, creative, healthy and sick all from their effects. Drugs affect the mind and body, so both target the brain. They can be dangerous when used incorrectly or to much is used but medicine can be used to make us feel better. Drugs aren't the only powerful stimulants around as many things can have a similar effect on our mind.

Sports are an important part of human culture. We watch them for fun and play them for the same reason. They can bring people together, give people a way of resolving differences, they help us stay fit and and when we play our brain is affected. Playing any sport for even an hour can help your relax, feel good about yourself, help you concentrate and more, boost your confidence, with them even able to fight depression and stress. Sports can also bring out negative traits, as they can encourage hyper competitiveness and aggression as you become desperate for you or the player/team your support to win. These altered moods can be similar to drugs, but sport will bring countless more benefits, both physically and mentally.

Gambling does many of the same things as sport does. You can get a rush of adrenaline, feel confident about winning, be excited and conquer risk, while facing downsides such as anxiety, depression, panic, and frustration with constant loses can make you feel terrible. This goes down to a science, as neural pathways in our brain that are stimulated when gambling are similar to those stirred by drug use. Highs and lows can come with both drugs and gambling, with addictive personalities able to be prevalent in both.

Chocolate can be a simple treat, a favourite snack or an unhealthy obsession but it is a staple amongst people young and old who want something sweet to eat. We know that eating too much chocolate can be bad for our body, but a bit of chocolate can be good for the brain. Research has shown that dark chocolate can improve attention and alertness, making it easier to focus and learn. Dark chocolate can also provide physical health boosts by lowering blood pressure. The fact something we allow enter our bodies affects our mind is similar to drugs, though in this case it is minor.

Everything we do and consume can affect our brain, so we must be careful of what effects these could be. Staying healthy and vigilant will ensure we keep our brain sound and our emotions and moods in control.

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