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3 Habits with Surprising Health Benefits

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People have lots of habits - some of them are bad, others are good. But as you probably know very well (if not, please take a look at the ancient Daoist symbol, the yin-yang) there is no good habit with a bad part and there is no bad habit that's entirely bad. To prove a point, here are some habits people have - most of them considered bad - that have some surprising health benefits.

Online gambling

Online gambling is considered by some a bad habit, given that it represents a practice where people risk their money in games of an uncertain outcome. But, like most things, online gambling comes with a handful of health benefits. And the most important of the health benefits of online gambling is its potential to help people de-stress.

Playing slot machines have been shown to be an immersive, relaxing experience, keeping people's minds diverted from their issues and focused on the repetitive nature of the game. Casino games are fun, too, and quick, helping their fans relax and be entertained even if they only have a few minutes to spare.

Smoking tobacco

Smoking is bad - so bad that it would be banned if governments wouldn't make such big money off its back. Aside from being addictive, tobacco smoke contains considerable quantities of tar and a series of carcinogen compounds that are extremely bad for smokers. You might wonder how such a harmful habit can have health benefits - but trust me, it does have some.

As medical professionals have observed over the years, smoking tobacco can be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of certain conditions. For example, they have found an association between smoking tobacco and a lower incidence of Parkinson's disease, cancer of the endometrium, pre-eclampsia, and ulcerative colitis, and there is some evidence that points to its potential benefits on cognitive performance and may even provide some relief in case of certain types of mental illness.

Drinking alcohol

Consuming alcohol is perhaps the most socially accepted bad habit - but this doesn't make it any less harmful, especially in the case of excess. But as you might expect, moderate alcohol consumption is not only acceptable but can also be beneficial for our health.

Alcohol is a disinfectant - that we know very well - and, when consumed before or during a meal, it can help prevent food poisoning, as shown by a 2002 study conducted in Spain. Other benefits of moderate alcohol consumption include potentially lowering one's risk of heart disease, its potential preventive effect on the common cold, its potential to decrease the risk of dementia, as well as the reduction of the formation of gallstones.

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