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Top 5 Best Weight Loss Centers in Chicago 2018

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Top 5 Best Weight Loss Centers in Chicago 2018
Top 5 Best Weight Loss Centers in Chicago 2018

Losing weight is not an easy task, especially if you try to lose weight by yourself. Getting some help will definitely help you stay motivated long-term to actually lose weight and have result. Most of you probably have thought about or even tried out going to the gym in your lifetime. However, choosing the right weight loss camp can really help you achieve your goal as you have right programs and mentors motivating you and helping you right next to you.

So we have selected and done some research for you and listed the Top 5 Best Weight Loss Centers in Chicago.

No.1) Options Medical Weight-Loss Center

Options Medical Weight Loss Center
(Photo : Options Medical Weight Loss Center) Options Medical Weight Loss Center

Options Medical Weight Loss Center is Chicago land’s premier weight loss facility. We believe that the true way to not only reach your weight loss goals, but to keep weight off, is by making the proper lifestyle changes with nutrition. We also understand that an individual’s weight loss journey is not always an easy process, which is why we offer FDA approved appetite suppressants as well as other prescriptions used for weight loss, weekly one-on-one weight loss counseling, Lipotropic fat burners, B12 injections, HCG injections, Options Diet System, Options meals and snacks, Options supplements and more to help assist you during your customized weight loss program.

We have over 19 different individually tailored weight loss programs to choose from, aiming to meet your specific lifestyle, habits, and goals. When you visit one of our clinics, you will find that we truly have “OPTIONS for every BODY”.

2) Revolution Physical Therapy Weight Loss

Revolution is comprised of industry leading Physical Therapists who offer you all the rehabilitation services you require. In addition to Physical Therapy, we offer an evidence-based multidisciplinary sustainable weight loss program. According to a peer reviewed study administered by the University of Illinois at Chicago (2017); patients lost 12 lbs, significantly decreased resting blood pressure and glucose in the first 8 weeks of care at Revolution Physical Therapy and Weight Loss. Insurance coverage is available for this program. You will be treated as if you are our only patient, with a customized treatment plan that will allow you to progress at your own pace and reach your own goals.

3) Hour of Change

Hour of Change Fitness, Inc.™ is an organization whose goal is to be available to anyone that walks in through our doors. Our purpose is to build quality relationships with our clients, so that we have a proper response to their health and fitness needs. We strive to be an organization that can address the needs of a wide variety of clientele. By structuring various select programs, implementing innovative training practices, and strategic pricing we position ourselves to be attractive to people from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Hour of Change Fitness, Inc.™ was formed to fill a void in the health and fitness industry. We differ from any other fitness training firm, because we are based on biblical principles. Integrity, character, passion, and love are the building blocks of Hour of Change Fitness™, Inc. A vision inspired by God; designed to help change lives through prayer and health, Hour of Change™ is a product of the heart. We aim to change the lives of thousands by making spiritual, mental, and physical fitness a way of life. Let us help you make the change today.

4) 1 On 1 Health Fitness

Coach Mike is an eight-year veteran of the U.S. Navy Special Forces. After completing his service to his country, he suffered a life changing event, the death of his grandmother to cancer. That experience changed his life and as a result he experienced a mental shift to serve people in the area of health and fitness. His main purpose being to prevent them from enduring the pain that his grandmother and family experienced as a result of the cancer diagnosis.

He began his journey in health and fitness as an entrepreneur and opened his first gym “1 On 1 Health Fitness” in downtown Chicago, IL. He successfully cultivated a community that learned to embody the truth of the lifelong benefits of health and fitness. Within two years after opening his gyms, he was approached with an opportunity to serve more people by touring with the “Tony Robbins” company and touring North America. As part of the “Tony Robbins” company, he was able to reach over 4000 people in 300+ companies as a peak performance strategist. During his tour, he realized that there is a desperate need to serve more people on the topic of health and fitness outside of his community and his gyms.

5) Healthy Results

For nearly 15 years, Healthy Results has been providing comprehensive fitness services including individual personal training, small group classes, group weight management and coaching services. Healthy Results clients are focused on working toward specific goals to obtain healthier lifestyles. Our experts work as a team to create individualized plans and exercise programs that ensure clients achieve fitness and health goals.

Healthy Results is now a solid community providing education, exercise and nutrition planning and varied support for individuals working closely with one of the highly experienced Healthy Results team members.

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