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Celebrity Pregnancies 2014: Carrie Underwood Talks About Being Vegetarian During Pregnancy And After Childbirth

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Carrie Underwood
(Photo : commons.wikimedia.org) She is pregnant but still practices her vegan diet with a few modifications

Carrie Underwood, American Idol 2005 winner, is still practicing a healthy diet even when pregnant. She says that she will continue being vegan even after childbirth.

Carrie Underwood is a vegetarian even before she got pregnant and admitted that she is still following her diet during pregnancy. Since she was in her teens, she has been practicing strict diets and exercises to keep her body fit and healthy.

Underwood told Yahoo that she made minor changes while pregnant to ensure the health of her baby but will continue to a full vegan diet shortly after she gives birth.

 "I have been vegetarian for about 10 years now. With pregnancy, I am definitely going more on the vegetarian side, but as soon as I am not pregnant anymore I will go back to being vegan," Carrie told Yahoo.

Also, she admitted that she has no too many pregnancy cravings and she is still making efforts to stay healthy. In fact, she said, "I try to keep it as healthy as possible and try to take care of myself."

There are many other celebrities practicing a 100% vegetarian diet wherein they consume plant-based diet in order to lose weight naturally and to stay young-looking. Vegetarian diet contains anti-aging effects for both men and women.

Before she got pregnant, she had pre-pregnancy workouts that entail high-intensity cardio exercises like running on the treadmill and kickboxing. She also do strength training with weights.

In related news, Underwood was spotted as a hot pregnant mom at the American Country Countdown Awards where she flaunted her tight, floor-length white Ashdon gown with gold detailing as her golden tresses swept to one side.

Underwood, 31, is expecting her first child -- a boy -- with husband Mike Fisher.

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